Pastoral Letter on "Pride Month"—Talking to Your Children
by Dan Phillips

A note from Dan: After about seven years without a post, I offered this at Pyromaniacs. It is a letter I sent to the congregation I serve in Houston, Texas. I wanted to help parents talk with their children about the ubiquitous "Pride Month" intrusions. Then I followed up with a sermon. But someone flagged it to Blogger, where it was ruled that my post was "Hate Speech." Their definition: "content that promotes or condones violence against or has the primary purpose of inciting hatred against an individual or group on the basis of their . . . sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or any other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization." This, of a post that literally says "we don't hate people who want bad things. . .. We love people who don't know Jesus. . ." But today, to believe in the actual Jesus is to be called a "hater." Here is my letter, unedited.

IntroductionHello again! Long time, no see! Hope you all have been well. I return to these beloved pages, and our beloved readers, to share a letter I just sent to the congregation I serve. I pray that it will be of help to you and/or those you care for. So, without further eloquence:

Dear CBC parents, 

We all wish we could shelter our children from the harmful and corrupt elements of our God-hating culture. Apart from living under a rock, this is becoming increasingly impossible. The homosexual-and-much-more agenda has increasingly intruded itself into every area of American life, from the media to sports to department stores to fast food restaurants and coffee shops.

I am writing to try to help you talk to your children. Iíll write it as one side of a conversation. Use any part that helps you address matters that arise in your childrenís world.

You asked me what ďgayĒ and ďhomosexualĒ and ďtransĒ means, and why you suddenly see the word ďPrideĒ everywhere. Iím glad you asked me! Let me try to explain it to you.

Weíve read Genesis together. You know that God created the world as a perfect, wondrous place. And you know in Genesis 1 He created Adam and Eve without sin, or any of the awful things sin does when it gets inside someone. Adam and Eve loved God and were happy with themselves, with each other, and with their world.

But then Satan came along in Genesis 3, and he got them to be dissatisfied with what God gave them. He tried to make God look like He didnít care, and like He didnít really want what was best for Adam and Eve. Satan tried to convince them that they knew better than God what was right and good, and what was best for them. Now you know, that is pride. Pride blows us up like balloons ó all big and impressive looking, but with nothing but air inside. So in their pride, Adam and Eve rebelled against God.

When they did, they died inside. The happiness and wholeness they had were gone. They werenít happy with themselves, or each other, or their world ó or God. So they had to find ways to try to make themselves feel happy, and to hide the guilt they had inside. They felt guilty, because they were guilty. They had sinned against God, their Maker.

All those words you asked me about come out of this. They are all about people dead and broken by sin, still trying to find happiness by defiantly shaking their fist in Godís face and pretending theyíre smarter than God.

You remember that God made Adam and Eve, a man and a woman. Thatís what sex means ó it means being a man, or being a woman. People say ďgenderĒ today, but gender is really a grammar-term, about words, not people. ďSexĒ is the better word here. How many sexes did God make? Thatís right: two. And when God saw it wasnít good for the man Adam to be alone, what did God make for him, in Genesis 2? Thatís right, a woman, named Eve. So God invented marriage, when a man wants to be with a woman in a special way, and a woman wants to be with a man ó only the two of them, with each other.

But all of us children of Adam are sinners, and sin ruins all our good desires and feelings that God gave us. Sin makes us want what we shouldnít want, and it makes us not want what we should want.

So some poor sad men donít want to have a woman as their wife. They want another man. And some poor sad women donít want a man, they want another woman. They are ashamed to want these things, they feel guilty. When we feel guilty, we can only do one of two things. We can go to God, confessing our sins and finding His forgiveness and help. Or we can pretend that weíre okay, and just keep holding to our sin. When people want to pretend these broken, wrong desires are okay, they call it being ďgay,Ē pretending to be truly happy. But they donít have peace with God, and they wonít be happy when Godís patience comes to an end and He judges them.

And then there are other people so broken by sin that they arenít willing to be what God made them. God made them a man or a woman ó remember, He only made two sexes ó but they want to pretend to be something else. Men want to pretend to be women, and women want to pretend to be men. Of course, we are what God made us, and no one can really become the opposite sex. They may try very hard, and even hurt themselves, but it just canít be done. Still, sometimes we keep pretending, even though it really harms and shames us to do so. And when men or women pretend to be the opposite sex, they call it being ďtrans

So they took the whole month of June to pretend together that all these wrong and harmful things are good, and they call June ďPrideĒ month. Like the Bible says, their ďglory is in their shameĒ (Philippians 3:19).

But things are what God calls them, arenít they? Not what we call them. So men are always just men, women are always just women, and we can only really marry someone of the opposite sex from us. A man marries a woman, a woman marries a man. Anything else can never really be marriage.

Isnít it sad to think about people so badly wanting things that are bad for them? Isnít it awful that what people think will be good for them is really bad for them? But thatís what sin does. It does that to all of us! Itís why children want to disobey their parents. Itís why parents sometimes fight each other, or donít do such a great job being parents. Sin is behind everything bad that we do or feel.

But remember, God so loved sinful men and women that He sent Jesus to save sinners. Jesus can save any sinner! There is no sin too big for Jesus. He shed His blood so that His people could be forgiven and freed from every last sin of every size! When we turn from our sin and believe in Jesus, we can know that all our sins are forgiven. Isnít that just the most wonderful news there is?

Even more, Jesus died so that His people could be given new hearts, and so that Godís Holy Spirit could live in our hearts. So God removes our old heart that wanted awful and bad things and hated God, and He gives us a new heart. That new heart wants to love God, and believe Him, and walk in His ways. So all of us, whatever our sins were, can be made new people, children of God, learning to love what God loves and hate what God hates.

So we donít hate people who want bad things. We would be exactly the same if it werenít for Jesus. We love people who donít know Jesus, we pray for them, we want to help them, we want to tell them about Jesus. And when they believe, we accept them and love them and help them to learn to walk with Jesus, just like weíre doing.

Thank you for asking me. Always feel free to ask me any questions you have!

I pray this is helpful to you.

Pastor Dan

Postscript: I followed this up with a sermon titled "Pride Month"?

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